Bruening Supports Metro’s Nurse Family Partnership

Bruening Supports Expansion of MetroHealth’s Nurse Family Partnership

The Bruening Foundation awarded a $300,000 Strong Start grant (over 3 years) to MetroHealth for the expansion of the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) home visiting program.  Through the NFP program, specially trained nurses regularly visit low- income, first-time moms-to-be, starting early in the pregnancy, and continuing through the child’s second birthday.

NFP has proven impacts on child development and school readiness, notably a 50% reduction in language delays in children at age 21 months and a 67% reduction in behavioral and intellectual problems among children. Other outcomes indicate that the program is making a difference in child social-emotional well-being, including a 48% reduction in child abuse and neglect and a 59% reduction in arrests among children up to age 15.  Finally, the program has been shown to have many positive outcomes on family self-sufficiency, such as 32% fewer subsequent pregnancies; an 82% increase in months employed by the mother; a 20% reduction in months on welfare; a 68% increase in father’s presence in household; 61% fewer arrests of the mother; and 72% fewer convictions of the mother.  As a result of all these proven benefits, the RAND Corporation reports that for every dollar a community invests in NFP, it can see up to $5.70 in return.


MetroHealth began its NFP program in late 2016.  At year-end 2017, the program had the capacity to serve 200 local families.  With this expansion, funded in part by the Bruening Foundation, MetroHealth will be able to serve an additional 200 families over the next three years.