Strong Start Grant Awarded to Groundwork Ohio

At its December 21, 2017 meeting, The Distribution Committee of the Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation (the Bruening Foundation) awarded a $25,000 Strong Start grant to Groundwork Ohio for advocacy leadership on early childhood mental health.


With Bruening Foundation funding, Groundwork Ohio will seek to create a common understanding amongst policymakers of the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) and sound mental health in early childhood, and how interventions such as home visiting are critical for children ages 0-3.  The analysis will include an examination of how sound mental health in early childhood impacts longer-term learning outcomes, such as kindergarten readiness scores and third-grade reading levels.


Deliverables of the project will include a high-level fact sheet to be used during the 2018 gubernatorial election to promote early childhood mental health; a policy brief to inform decision makers and stakeholders on early childhood mental health; an inventory of researched community best practices in Cleveland and one other community with snapshots of programs, including home visiting, that are driving positive outcomes for kids and families and promoting equity; a series of three early childhood mental health webinars; and an early childhood mental health community event hosted in Cleveland to engage community leaders on the issue and feature progress and barriers.